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We work on website projects that include:

  • creating new websites in a collaborative design process
  • updating or revising existing websites
  • maintaining sites and providing changes to them as needed

Our clients presently include individuals in the arts, in not-for-profit organizations, practitioners in medical fields, start up business entrepreneurs, and manufacturing and distribution businesses with an ecological bent.

Here are some design tales from our portfolio of website work; we look forward to your inquiry.

Portfolio Tales

Allison Burnett

allisonThe group begins with Allison Burnett, a Los Angeles screenwriter and novelist whose novel, Undiscovered Gyrl, was released this summer by Vintage; presently Allison is touring from his keyboard on the Vintage Blog. Allison also wrote the screenplay for the film, “Fame,” which opened in theaters Sept., 2009.

As a great client, Allison strikes a balance of design savvy, business clarity, friendship, and wit that makes working on his site with him a pleasure.

Diane Farris

df-webDiane Farris notes exciting photographic shows and upcoming professional workshops on the Current page of her site. As Farris puts it, the theme of her current show is, broadly, the edge of nature, that point where people and nature meet, where cranes linger by a fence, where long light enters a beautiful window, where human and animal shadows fall on an ancient wall. An image like Dreaming Cranes- a sleeping infant with cranes emerging from behind oaks in fog – asks whether we are dreaming nature or is nature dreaming us?  In any case, Farris’ work is enlivened by photography’s perpetual subject, light. Careful readers will note that Diane Farris designs for Design Link Studio where she lends her vision to work with the projects of clients.

Margaret Herrick

peggyCome to think of it, Peggy Herrick, a watercolor artist and illustrator living in tiny Cedar Key on the Gulf Coast of Florida, has a similar ability to be deeply focused on her work, on her vision for a website, and by turns warm and funny to know. Perhaps what Allison and Peggy have in common besides having spent years in New York City are their arts, which require of them a certain immersion and distance-taking, next to which making web designs for their work seems an easy task..

Laurel Lippert

gingkoAs a psychologist in Los Angeles Laurel Lippert, Ph.D. wanted a website that was simple and almost understated, in keeping with her appreciation of the natural world and her interest in providing a receptive atmosphere for her clients living in an active urban area.

Laurel brings calm and centered attention not only to her individual clients, but  to her work in providing psychological consulting on the TV sets of “Survivor” and “Shark Tank.”

San Marino Psychiatric Associates

San Marino Psychiatric Associates

This twelve person practice of psychiatry, San Marino Psychiatric Associates, is nestled below the San Gabriel Mountains near Los Angeles, CA in a prize-winning building constructed in cedar. The building and practice reflect a contemporary aesthetic. Yet this practice  is surrounded by one of the country’s most extensive collection of arts and crafts homes, which is located  in Pasadena, CA and San Marino CA. While providing relevant information about the practice, the website is designed to reflect appreciation for both contemporary design and the arts and crafts design surrounding this practice location.